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According to Kaeser Compressors, Fredricksburg, PA, its new Kaeser Air System Enclosures (KASEs) can be purchased in several standard configurations, including two 100-hp, one 250-hp, and three 100-hp rotary-screw compressor units with refrigerated dryers. The company also offers a 125-hp oil-free package with a heat-of-compression dryer, as well as other configurations that can be designed to meet specific requirements.

The company notes that instead of selecting compressed air equipment and coordinating onsite installation with construction, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing contractors, KASE units provide complete compressed air systems delivered ready to operate in a temperature-controlled, weatherproof package.


KASE system with two CSD 100-hp screw compressors, two TF SECOTEC refrigerated dryers,
particulate and coalescing filtration, and a complete condensate-management system.
A Sigma Air Manager 4.0 controller ensures efficient operations and enables remote monitoring.


The units feature a full walk-in design and are rated for 110-mph wind loads, and 50-lbs/sq. ft. snow load. They include fully insulated, sound dampening paneling as well as entry doors and removable access panels for major service. Each KASE arrives on site completely assembled, with all piping, ducting and electrical work done. Just connect main power to the external power disconnect and pipe to the single outlet flange.

Not only can these systems be remotely monitored, once the enclosures are set up, service providers won’t need access to production areas, which can help improve plant safety and security.

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