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SKF, Gothenburg, Sweden and Lansdale, PA,  has extended its range of tachometers with three new handheld models to optimize machine data collection in production operations. According to the company, the devices monitor conditions such as rotational and linear speed to help spot emerging mechanical problems in rotating equipment.

Two of the devices, the TKRT 21 and TKRT 31, are digital, while the TKRT 25M is mechanical. All are compact, have large displays, and can be operated with one hand.

The digital TKRT 31 tachometer (shown in the feature image above) is the most advanced of the three devices. It measures rotational and linear speeds, as well as distances. It is supplied with a full set of contact adaptors. A large color TFT screen displays measured values clearly for the user.

The ditgital TKRT 21 tachometer uses laser or contact measurement to determine rotational and linear speeds. This allows fast, easy measurement at a safe distance from machinery. The instrument offers high-speed and distance versatility in several measurement modes.

Both the TKRT 31 and TKRT 21 allow easy measurement in areas where straight-line access is difficult by using a laser

The mechanical TKRT 25M tachometer uses precise contact measurement to determine rotational and linear speed of equipment such as engines, shafts, and conveyor belts. It features a large, easy-to-read dial gauge display, and does not need batteries.

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