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Teledyne Flir, Wilsonville, OR, has launched its A500f and A700f Advanced Smart Sensor ruggedized thermal cameras for industrial and commercial applications. These fixed-mount devices feature high-temperature detection capabilities for extreme environments paired with on-camera analytics and alarm capabilities. According to the manufacturer, the new offerings are ideal for early detection of fires and various other outdoor condition-monitoring applications. Along with enhanced spot, area, line, polygon, and polyline analytic functions that improve definition of areas of interest and object curvatures, they can help users protect assets, improve safety, boost uptime, and minimize maintenance costs.

For early fire detection, the A500f and A700f can quickly identify increased temperatures related to potentially dangerous conditions. If smoke is present, the cameras can help provide increased awareness for decision makers to properly assess and address incidents.

Both cameras feature Flexible Scene Enhancement (FSX) technology that’s found on the company’s handheld K-Series of firefighting devices. The technology produces an ultra-sharp, finer-textured image that shows subtler edge details supplied by the embedded visible camera onto the thermal image, enabling operators to recognize objects and people more easily.

The A500f and A700f are also effective tools for pile-burn monitoring, by providing automated early warnings of potential issues in waste management facilities or coal-collection areas that operate around the clock.

Manufacturing facilities, chemical processing plants, and power substations that use common communications and control language can also benefit from the A500f and A700f beyond fire detection. The cameras are said to help those operations reduce maintenance costs by identifying heat anomalies from mechanical problems early, thus extending the life of system components while maximizing uptime.

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