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SKF, Gotheburg, Sweden and Lansdale, PA, has recently launched a mobile Bearing Assist app provides detailed mounting instructions for a comprehensive range of the manufacturer’s bearings. The company notes that the app is suitable for use by all engineering and maintenance teams and will minimize the problems of incorrect mounting, thus reducing installation time and cost, and helping to extend the operating life of bearings. The app also allows engineers to record the work they have carried out, which can improve the way bearing knowledge is shared across an organization..



Among other things, the app contains detailed product information, including bearing designation, bearing type (with visuals) and suffix descriptions, as well as dimensions and illustrations. The mounting instructions cover bearings with basic design that are included in the standard assortment. Information such as clearance reduction and drive-up method calculations, and recommendations on lubrication, can save time and effort when fitting bearings.

The instantly accessible information helps to improve the efficiency with which bearings can be installed. In addition, maintenance and production engineers can improve their fitting techniques by following the detailed instructions.

Once a bearing has been mounted, details such as date, specific asset location, and work order can be recorded in the app. Results can instantly be exported as a PDF, which cuts the time needed to produce a mounting report.

Bearing Assist is available for free download from Apple Store, in the UK from June 9th and coming soon in other countries and Google Play. A quick in-app registration for full functionality, including storing and sharing records is required. Log-in details are the same as for ProCollect and other SKF applications. 

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