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Savvy maintenance professionals know that the domain of knowledge in a personal library is an essential part of a complete toolkit. So, welcome to The RAM Review’s inaugural “Book of the Month” column, in which. as the name suggests, once a month I preview a “toolkit-worthy” book for your consideration. This month’s selection is from the field of lubrication. 

Book Title:
ICML 55.1 Standard Part 1:
Asset Management Requirements for the Optimized Lubrication of Mechanical Physical Asset

Author(s): ICML

Publisher: International Council for Machinery Lubrication (ICML), Broken Arrow, OK, USA. 

Format: Paperback
Pages: 66
Release Date: April 2019
Cost: $175

Target Audience: Asset-management planners and practitioners who manage and maintain mechanical equipment requiring lubrication

Description: Strategically aligned with the ISO 55001 global asset management standard, ICML 55.1 acts as an enabling blueprint for the implementation of a best-practice lubrication-management program focused on the following 12 specific areas:

  • SKILLS: Job Task, Training, and Competency
  • MACHINE: Machine Lubrication and Condition Monitoring Readiness
  • LUBRICANT: Lubricant System Design and Selection
  • LUBRICATION: Planned and Corrective Maintenance Tasks
  • TOOLS: Lubrication Support Facilities and Tools
  • INSPECTION: Machine and Lubricant Inspection
  • LUBRICANT ANALYSIS: Condition Monitoring and Lubrication Analysis
  • TROUBLESHOOT: Fault/Failure Troubleshooting and RCA
  • WASTE: Lubricant Waste Handling and Management
  • ENERGY: Energy Conservation and Environmental Impact
  • RECLAIM: Oil Reclamation and System Decontamination
  • MANAGEMENT: Program Management and Metrics

Written collectively by an international team of 45 lubrication subject matter experts (SMEs), ICML 55.1 offers a detailed, practical consensus of lubrication-management systems and processes applicable to the effective management of lubricated physical assets.

Having a blueprint to follow helps the maintenance department better understand all of the elements that make up a successful lubrication -management program. An industry first, the ICML 55.1 Standard can be used as a lubrication-program audit document and/or implementation guide to best practice. The  book can be purchased directly from the ICML at www.lubecouncil.org.TRR

Ken Bannister has 40+ years of experience in the RAM industry. For the past 30, he’s been a Managing Partner and Principal Asset Management Consultant with Engtech industries Inc., where he has specialized in helping clients implement best-practice asset-management programs worldwide. A founding member and past director of the Plant Engineering and Maintenance Association of Canada, he is the author of several books, including three on lubrication, one on predictive maintenance, and one on energy reduction strategies, and is currently writing one on planning and scheduling. Contact him directly at 519-469-9173 or kbannister@theramreview.com.

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