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According to Fluke Process Instruments, Everette, WA, the company’s recently introduced MP Linescanner Series provides continuous, accurate, edge-to-edge thermal images and temperature measurements for today’s high-speed manufacturing processes, even those in harsh environments. Incorporating Fluke’s widest selection of spectral and temperature ranges to accommodate a variety of industrial applications, the new offerings deliver real-time imaging at scan speeds up to 300 Hz. Along with rotating optics and a 90-degree field of view that quickly renders a 2D image on a PC these imagers also feature:

      • High-quality brushless motor (MTBF 40,000 h)
      • Built-in Ethernet TCP/IP communications
      • PC independent alarm output
      • PC independent 4-20 mA interfaces (3 outputs)
      • I/O module support for up to 10 sectors/zones (PC independent)
      • Internal Line Laser for accurate alignment
      • Rugged, waterproof IP65 enclosure
      • Air purge to keep the window free of dirt and condensation
      • Built-in water cooling for ambient up to 180 C (356 F).

Imagers in the MP Linescanner Series can be used in standalone mode, connected to a single PC, or integrated into a comprehensive process-control system by using the DataTemp DP Software. This industrial Windows-based software package provides remote configurations of the imager and real-time process monitoring. The software supports multiple product-specific configurations (recipes), text-file alarm logging, and fail-safe alarm logging. It also can support multiple linescanners and real-time ambient temperature compensation/emissivity adjustments.

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