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Emerson, Shakopee, MN,
has introduced a complete corrosion and erosion monitoring portfolio with digital capabilities and full integration with the company’s Plantweb digital ecosystem through the new Rosemount 4390 Series of corrosion and erosion wireless transmitters  (see below) and Plantweb Insight Non-Intrusive Corrosion application for oil and gas processing operations.

New Rosemount 4390 Series Corrosion and Erosion Wireless Transmitters provide
continuous, accurate and highly sensitive real time corrosion and erosion monitoring data,
enabling maximum performance through process optimization and eliminating costly walkdowns.

According to the company, combined with its non-intrusive Rosemount Wireless Permasense sensors for monitoring metal thickness (which is a major factor in determining the health of piping and other fixed equipment), Emerson now offers a comprehensive solution to monitor the risk of corrosion or erosion, as well as the impact that risk poses to the the health of the plant or asset. And it can all be done from an end-user’s desk.

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