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This is Sanya Mathura’s first book, and it’s aimed squarely at the “Achilles Heel” of all mechanical-equipment-reliability programs: effective lubrication.


Lubrication Degradation Mechanisms – A Complete Guide


Sanya Mathura, ML
Managing Director & Senior Consultant
Strategic Reliability Solutions, Ltd.


CRC Press (Taylor & Francis Group), Boca Raton, Florida, USA.




ISBN #: 978-0-367-60776-0 (hbk), 978-1-003-10227-4 (ebk)

FORMAT: Paperback and e-book       PAGES: 82 (1-2 hour read)

RELEASE DATE: December, 2020       COST: $30 or less (e-book version)

TARGET AUDIENCE: Reliability and maintenance practitioners who manage
and maintain mechanical equipment requiring lubrication.

Written in the style of a manual, this work focuses directly on the lubricant-health aspect of effective lubrication practices.

Drawing from a variety of respected industry sources, Mathura provides the reader with a navigable approach to understanding how a lubricants functions in real-world applications, and, just as important, how it fails (degrades) and how to identify and test for that failure. This quick-read also includes several case studies that offer practical insight.TRR



Ken Bannister has 40+ years of experience in the RAM industry. For the past 30, he’s been a Managing Partner and Principal Asset Management Consultant with Engtech industries Inc., where he has specialized in helping clients implement best-practice asset-management programs worldwide. A founding member and past director of the Plant Engineering and Maintenance Association of Canada, he is the author of several books, including three on lubrication, one on predictive maintenance, and one on energy reduction strategies, and is currently writing one on planning and scheduling. Contact him directly at 519-469-9173 or



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